The 5 Most Common Nurse Stereotypes Shattered

I’m not sure why or where this stereotype came from, but it annoys the hell out of me.

I’m not homophobic nor do I dislike homosexuals, but I do have a problem when my patients automatically assume I’m gay because I’m a nurse.

I admit, I know a few gay male nurses, but most male nurses I’ve met are straight and married with kids.

It isn’t so much that I’m offended, as it is I’m annoyed.  In short, it’s total hogwash.

Nurses Are Med School Washouts

Out of all the stereotypes, I find this stereotype the most amusing; clearly, this stereotype was created by those whom benefit from it, i.e. physicians.  If I wanted to spend the time, money, and effort on medical school, I would.  As a nurse, I heal.  Physicians diagnose.

Nurse Ratched

Over the last few years, I’ve met and worked with a few stern and hateful nurses; in fact, I’ve met some nurses who resemble Nurse Ratched; these nurses, for whatever reason, are nasty, brutish, and overall offensive.

I’m not going to apologize nor minimize these nurses and their negative effect on our profession or their patients, but they exist and need to be eradicated from our profession.

Personally, I’ve filed two written complaints against two nurses whom embody the attributes of Nurse Ratched; both nurses were, unfortunately, bullies, prima donnas, and histrionic.  Nevertheless, 99% of us aren’t Nurse Ratched; most of us will not, under any circumstance, bully a patient.

Nurses toil for Physicians

I find this stereotype laughable, as it’s utterly ridiculous.  I’m stopping here.  Need I say more?

Nursing is a Female Profession

Since the inception of modern nursing, most nurses were women; nonetheless, that was 30 years ago.  We’ve entered a new age; an era where it’s unacceptable to link a profession to a specific sex and/or gender.  I, like the gay nurse stereotype, abhor this stereotype, as it is absolute nonsense.

The Naughty Nurse

I know a lot of nurses and most aren’t naughty.  Sure, I’ve met a few nurses whom are promiscuous, flirtatious, and ooze sexuality, but this isn’t abnormal: it’s human.

I don’t know about you, but I find both men and women whom flirt, sleep around, and are hypersexual, regardless of their profession.

In the future, opinions will change; until then, we’re stuck with these stereotypes.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to prove them wrong.

What other false stereotypes do you hear?