Reasons My Family Loves Me Being a Nurse

Everybody loves having a Nurse in the family tree!

1. I make good money. Not only do I make a pretty decent salary, I have some serious job security. I’m never worried about not being able to find or get a new job if I ever wanted one. Christmas time? I can pick up some over-time. My family (my husband in particular) loves that I’m able to contribute.

2. If I bunch my days together, I have a lot of days off in a row. It’s so great getting to rack up my PTO. I’m able to hoard my PTO by just bunching my days together. My family loves occasionally having me off for long periods of time.

3. If my family is sick, I always know what to do and how to treat them. I know what over-the-counter medication they should take (and how much they really should get). Medication is generally administered by weight, and the drugs I dish out usually make them feel better. I’m kind of like a magician.

4. I always have a costume for Halloween. And I alter it in so many fun ways. There’s naughty nurse, Nurse Nightingale, vampire nurse, and Walking-Dead nurse.

5. I know which doctors to go to when I actually do need to take them to see someone. I can totally tell them who they should stay away from and who will treat us like VIP. I also know which doctors think pain management is important, and more importantly, which doctors won’t make us wait to be seen.

6. I’m able to dish out free advice. My family is proud that I’m a nurse. When their friends or our neighbors ask me for advice, they like that I’m able to help people out. They love that my job is all about caring for people and being nurturing. It’s the best part of being a nurse.