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America’s health care system is facing a nurse shortage. The problem is so severe that 30% of nurses say they’re burned out and plan to leave the field within two years.

The reasons for this shortage are multi-fold, but one of them is hospital greed.

Overworked and underappreciated

Nurses are a vital part of any hospital. They’re the backbone that holds it together, and we need to treat them accordingly.

But nurses are overworked and underappreciated. They are giving too much of themselves for not nearly enough money, and they have too many responsibilities on their plates. Yet still, hospitals try to get away with as much as they possibly can before nurses speak out against them.

If you love your nurse, say so! If you’ve had a bad experience with one, take it up with her supervisor—or better yet, go straight to the top: write your congressperson or senator if necessary!

Nurses burned out by hospital greed

Hospital greed is killing you. I know this because I’m a nurse and I’ve seen it firsthand. Nurses are on the front line of hospital greed, and it’s making us sick. We don’t have any time to recover from one shift before we’re being told to come in for another one, and there’s no end in sight. The corporate executives at these hospitals are making billions off our backs while we’re not getting paid enough to make ends meet as it is—and then they expect us to be happy about it?

Sadly, there may be no other option than for you (if you’re a patient) or me (if you’re a nurse) to get out of this situation: The cost of living has become so high that even if someone wants to work hard enough—which most people do—they just can’t make ends meet anymore because there aren’t enough jobs available with good paychecks attached!

Nurse Shortage Problem

The current nursing shortage is real. It’s growing, and it’s not just a problem for hospitals—it’s a problem for patients. Hospitals are the first to feel the effects of this problem when they can’t find enough qualified nurses to fill their open positions. But what really causes the nursing shortage?

The answer: greed. Hospital executives know that they can save money by replacing experienced, highly-trained nurses with less expensive ones who have less experience or training, so they do it as often as possible.

This practice has created an acute lack of qualified nurses in rural areas where there aren’t enough jobs in other sectors that require similarly high levels of education or skill level.


Nurses are the backbone of the medical system, yet they are overworked and underappreciated. It’s time to stop hospital greed from burning out nurses!

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