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Healthcare stories and articles from the inside. The new age of medicine is here! Take a look at the healthcare industry and get insight into what it’s really like to put on a pair of scrubs each day. We have collected personal stories from all walks of the healthcare industry from physicians, to nurses, to teach, to nursing assistants.

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    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I had been hired as a nurse tech prior to graduating from junior college in 1987. The RNs on the surgery floor where I worked loved me, probably because I did most of their grunt work. In fact, they allowed me to do a lot more than I probably should have all in the name of teaching me and that “I would be a nurse soon.” I helped put down NG tubes, cleaned trachs, gave enemas, irrigated colostomies and changed a lot of surgical dressings. Becoming the enemy The day I got word I had passed my nursing boards and donned an RN name tag, I became the enemy.  I…

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    Reasons My Family Loves Me Being a Nurse

    Everybody loves having a Nurse in the family tree! 1. I make good money. Not only do I make a pretty decent salary, I have some serious job security. I’m never worried about not being able to find or get a new job if I ever wanted one. Christmas time? I can pick up some over-time. My family (my husband in particular) loves that I’m able to contribute. 2. If I bunch my days together, I have a lot of days off in a row. It’s so great getting to rack up my PTO. I’m able to hoard my PTO by just bunching my days together. My family loves occasionally…

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    Resume Tips for Nurses

    The job market today is a brutal place for anyone looking for work, but it is particularly troubling for nurses looking for a job. With the recession, older nurses are staying in their jobs, newer nurses are finding that facilities are cutting back, and it just doesn’t seem there are enough jobs to go around. When looking for a job, your resume is your calling card, your ticket into the game.  Nurses are not particularly known for their abilities with computers and resumes, but knowing how to navigate the waters of proper resume form can help. Human resources and hiring managers look for certain details when they examine the resume…

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    40 things a Nurse Hears on a Shift

    Nurses hear many things on a shift, and some of them sound like your iPod is stuck on replay. Beyond the ubiquitous call light, certain phrases, sounds, and noises pop up in just about every shift. There are also those sounds that you only hear every once in a while . . . like the code blue call overhead. Either way, here is a list of 40 sounds every nurse should be familiar with. 1. “Nurse!” 2. “I have to go to the bathroom!” 3. “My pain is 10 out of 10.” 4. The rattle of the crash cart coming down the hall 5. The beep of a heart monitor…

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    Police Kill Confused Elderly Patient: How to Deal with Aggressive Patients

    When I worked in a long-term care facility, I was sitting at the desk, doing my charting, minding my own business. One of our confused patients was in an independent walking device, which allowed her to ambulate with the use of the walker and sit as necessary. I don’t know who left the stapler on the counter.  Maybe it had never been a problem before. Quicker than any healthy person could, the resident snatched up the heavy, metal device, reached over the counter, and took several good swings at my head. I ducked and managed to wrestle the stapler from her fortunately weak grip. It wasn’t the first run-in I…

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