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    9 Things a Nursing Student Should Do Immediately after Graduation

    Your first instinct after graduating from nursing school is probably to party like you’ve won a very long race. Of course, you have, and you should really consider partying as part of your welcome back to the real world. However, you should also attend to some things that are going to get you ready for your career. There is no time like the present to get ready for the next stage in the journey. 1. Register for NCLEX You should take your NCLEX as soon as possible after graduating from school. This way, the information will be fresh in your mind, you will get it out of the way, and…

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    15 Signs a Nurse is Having a Crazy Good Shift

    Here are some signs you’re probably having a pretty good day at work! 1. You Walk In And Everyone’s Sitting At Computers Finishing their Documentation. They actually have time to greet you instead of hurriedly rushing past you! The previous shift also gets to leave on time. You’re off to a promising start. 2. You got the same set of patients you had yesterday. It might not be the greatest set of patients – but at least you’re not in for a surprise, and you already know what everyone’s going to complain about/ask for. 3. You Walk Into the Supply Room – It’s Full of Supplies! This is always nice.…

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    6 Things Only Nurses Will Understand

    Nurses have a special understanding of how the world and the profession works. In some ways, there are things that happen on the nursing floor that only we would understand. Instead of having a jargon like most professions, nursing has a wealth of axioms that we know are applicable to certain situations. Here is a list of six things that only nurses would understand because of the way our professional lives play out. 1. Even Nurses Make Mistakes It hurts every time, but nurses do make mistakes, and not many outside of the profession realize this. Yes, we are human, but lives are on the line. Some nurses take great…

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    30 Reasons New Nurses are Awesome

    Many unflattering assumptions are made about new nurses, and although this can cause a chuckle in more seasoned nurses, is it fair to paint all new nurses with the same brush? While it is true that new nurses sometimes have quirks, the humor is often lost on the nursing community, especially with the risk of lateral violence and nurse bullying. With that in mind, here are some reasons why it is great to have a new nurse on your unit. 1. New nurses are eager and enthusiastic. 2. New nurses can make more seasoned nurses remember why they joined the profession. 3. New nurses have new ideas that can improve…

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    11 Words That Made Me a Better Nurse

    I’ll never forget my first day as a nurse after I passed my NCLEX. It was a very overwhelming day to say the least, but the thing I will never forget is what one of the facilities most veteran Nurses told me. “Good nurses inspire themselves. Great nurses inspire others.” I have thought about that quote over a thousand times during my nursing career. I have taken a lot of advice from more seasoned veteran nurses and let me tell you, talk to them! They have seen and been through almost everything. Here’s a few words that I haver learned that I feel have made me a better nurse. 1.…

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