9 Unusual Places to Find Work as a Nurse

Sometimes it isn’t easy to get a nursing job in the traditional venues, and this means that you have to get creative with your job hunting.

Whether you live in a saturated area or just don’t like the idea of working in a hospital, you can find other places to work.

Many of these venues require experience, but even new grads can get into some of them. `

Mostly, they are for nurses who have burnout, looking for a change, and trying to get into something more fulfilling.

1. Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use nurses to help approve claims and to act as consultants to patients. If an insurance company is in your area, you may want to try this avenue of getting employment by calling their human resources departments.

2. Urgent Care Offices

Urgent care offices are becoming more prevalent to help reduce the cost of healthcare. Nurse practitioners are certainly needed in these offices, but regular nurses can also work there in much the same capacity that they would work in any doctor’s office.

3. Pharmaceutical Sales

If you have a nose for sales, you can easily slide into the role of pharmaceutical sales rep, and this will allow you to sell medications and equipment directly to doctors. It can be a tough nut to crack and a difficult way to earn money, but it doesn’t require working the floor.

4. Law Offices

When you work in a law office, you will mainly work for a medical malpractice lawyer. Actually, there is a class you can take to become a law office expert, but it requires five years clinical experience as a nurse.

5. Public Health Departments

Many nurses are needed in the public health departments of various cities and counties, and most of this work will include giving inoculations, preparing reports, and working with the community. Nurses in this capacity will be called on to provide a wide range of supportive functions to the department and help improve the health of the community.

6. Corporations

Employee health is a large portion of the nursing community, and these nurses tend to work in various corporations. You would be responsible for workmen’s comp claims, on the job injuries, and promoting healthy living throughout the company for their greater good.

7. Freelance Writing

Many medical agencies need freelance and in house technical writers to create manuals and copy for various medical supplies. In addition, you could write for popular magazines on health topics as a way to get your name out into the world of freelance writing.

8. Private Duty

Private duty isn’t the same as home health work, but it is similar. The only difference is that you are an independent contractor, and you negotiate your own pay and schedules directly with the patient or their representative.

9. Travel Nursing

If you are willing to work at various places around the country and are able to travel, then you may enjoy travel nursing. Although you will work the floor, it is usually for a limited assignment, you will get to live in a different place, and the perks are high.