5 Signs You Need New Nursing Shoes

Shoes, although fun to buy for a night on the town, can be a real pain in the behind to buy for work. You can buy and buy, but the right ones are often elusive.

Even if you find the right ones, though, they can wear out, and that can cause a nurse much grief. How to determine that it is time to shop for a new set? Here are five ways that may point to the need for a new set.

1. Your feet hurt

Obvious. Yes, if your feet hurt you, then you should get a new pair of shoes. However, you may ignore the pain because you just love the broken in feeling of your old shoes.

You may also not want to go through the pain of finding a new shoe. Maybe the shoes you want aren’t on the market anymore, and this can keep you from pursuing new shoes, even when your feet are killing you.

2. The tread is worn down

Although you are not slogging through mud, a worn tread can be a serious problem. It is super easy to fall on the slippery linoleum present in most facilities, and no one wants to fall in what makes the floor slippery.

Take a look at your tread pattern and see where the most wear shows. In fact, take your shoes to your podiatrist and show them because they will give the doctor valuable information about how you walk.

You do have a podiatrist, don’t you?

3. You have a bubble

When you look down at your shoes, you may see a bubble forming on the outside, like your pinky toe is trying to make a run for it. This is another reason to get a new pair of shoes because the sidewall is not holding your foot in its proper position.

This pinky toe bubble usually comes from walking “on the side of your feet” or over pronating. It can be hard on the ankle, and the problem is fixed by wear an orthotic that you get from that podiatrist that you definitely have by now.

4. You have leg pain

While foot pain is an obvious sign of bad footwear, leg pain can also be a dead giveaway. Did you know that heavier shoes can actually make your legs work harder, causing them to hurt more?

Legs can hurt for many reasons, and they aren’t all shoe related. However, if you have some of the other symptoms, new shoes could help with some of the leg pain, too, and it is a relatively easy fix for some easy relief of pain.

5. Your toes are crowded

Finally, crowded toes are not happy toes, and they can become more crowded for several reasons. For instance, swelling, bunions, and long toenails can lead to crowding in the toe box.

This is another sign that you need new shoes. When your feet are crowded, they are just going to hurt. Some nurses even go up a size to fit for bunions or swelling.

Once again, talk to your podiatrist if you are experiencing these problems with your current shoes. They can recommend the best shoes for your feet and craft orthotics that will have you feeling like you are walking on air.