30 Reasons New Nurses are Awesome

Many unflattering assumptions are made about new nurses, and although this can cause a chuckle in more seasoned nurses, is it fair to paint all new nurses with the same brush?

While it is true that new nurses sometimes have quirks, the humor is often lost on the nursing community, especially with the risk of lateral violence and nurse bullying. With that in mind, here are some reasons why it is great to have a new nurse on your unit.

1. New nurses are eager and enthusiastic.

2. New nurses can make more seasoned nurses remember why they joined the profession.

3. New nurses have new ideas that can improve care.

4. New nurses aren’t afraid to ask questions – at least, they shouldn’t be.

5. New nurses mean that understaffing is less likely with more people to fill slots.

6. New nurses are usually up on the latest research since they just came out of school.

7. New nurses are looking for friends and mentors, and this can be flattering and fun.

8. New nurses pay very close attention to their patients.

9. New nurses always have the equipment you need, like pill splitters.

10. New nurses can give you tips on how to improve your brain sheets.

11. New nurses usually have a team-oriented attitude.

12. New nurses embrace change on the floor and can be a force for implementation.

13. New nurses are often very computer savvy and can pick up EMR processes without much ado.

14. New nurses keep charge nurses from getting bored at the front desk.

15. New nurses make well-seasoned nurses feel like experts when they are approached with questions.

16. New nurses remind us that we were all new once and deserve a break.

17. New nurses often think outside the box because they aren’t caught up in how things are always done.

18. New nurses know CPR and ACLS very well because they just took the courses.

19. New nurses can remind more seasoned nurses of how important time management is.

20. New nurses take patient safety seriously and know not to break the rules.

21. New nurses are often experts in policies and procedures because they just learned them.

22. New nurses are often friendly and willing to chat with other nurses and staff.

23. New nurses are almost always willing to help if they aren’t overwhelmed.

24. New nurses understand what it is like to be completely overwhelmed and are willing to help their coworkers when needed.

25. New nurses learn to watch during a code, letting the more seasoned nurses handle the case until the new nurse has learned more.

26. New nurses are always volunteering to take care of unusual or difficult cases to get the experience.

27. New nurses work hard to give complete, concise reports that are usually much more in-depth than a more seasoned nurse may give.

28. New nurses often have emotion and passion that more seasoned nurses may have forgotten.

29. New nurses will become experienced nurses in a very short time and an asset to the unit.

30. New nurses know that they don’t know, and this makes them conscientious, focused, and dedicated to taking the best care of their patients.