22 Things You Learn Working In The Medical Field

The good. The bad. The ugly. You learn a lot working under the hospitals roof. From life lessons to hilarious stories (we can’t make this shit up) you are in for a wild ride. Here are the top twenty-two things I’ve learned so far from my short time in the hospital as a nurse that can be applied to everyday life.

1. Never.. I mean never stop moving. Keep busy, social, and active. If you don’t use it, you lose it. This is every 90+ year olds advice when I ask. That, and that life goes by incredibly fast.

2. Life is unexpected. Plan for the absolute worst and hope for the very best.

3. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t be a dick. Never go to bed angry. Make amends and get over it people! We are not in high school.

4. Do something for yourself everyday. TREAT YO SELF. Go get a coffee, sleep an extra 10 minutes, get a massage, go drop cash at Home Goods, book a vacation, bake some dang cookies. Make yourself feel good. You’s is important.

5. Things that happen in life sometimes do not make ANY sense. Your heart will feel like it’s about to fall out of your ass. Those times, they suck.

6. You will “F” up. At work, in life, as a nurse, in a relationship, as a friend. Even the smartest and wisest person makes mistakes. Learn from it, accept it, fix it, make it better, keep going.

7. STOP SMOKING. Dear God, Please. That shits not cool anymore. Nobody looks cute on a ventilator.. Sorry not sorry.

8. A little bit of humor goes a long way. Make people laugh! Stay weird.

9. Be kind. Even the person who seems to have their shit together is probably struggling with something. People can put up a really good exterior.

10. You will be challenged. Is it going to make you or break you?

11. Always try to leave your last words to someone always something good. News flash: You unfortunately never know when’s the last time you’ll see them or make it right.

12. You can’t and will not please everyone. Smile, say thank you (it may be sarcastic..) and move the “F” on.

13. You will meet people in life that stick with you forever. For better and even for worse, you probably will still learn something from it. Keep that in your back pocket!

14. Listen to your mom (my moms a nurse too), because they are always right. ALWAYS. Except if they wear moms jeans. That is the only exception. Ps. Dads are also pretty freaking awesome, listen to yours.

15. Speaking of parents. Love yours unconditionally, make memories, make time, and always tell them you love them. They are allowed to drive you crazy sometimes. Numerous people have told me how important cherishing those relationships is, and how much you miss them when they are gone. 
16. Beauty fades, but personality is forever. I’ve met 90 year olds who could make a room full of people pee their pants laughing. Serious goals!
17. Ive been talking about our elders a lot. Because I freaking adore them. Respect your elders, they know more than you and have probably worked way harder. Always ask their insightful life advice.
18. People have problems we sometimes can’t see. Mental illness, auto immune diseases, etc. Sooooo just be nice people.
19. You’ll learn to adapt. In life and work. Technology, policies, routines, are always changing to the new “bestest” thing. It’s a bumpy ride, don’t forget your seat-belt.
20. The people you work with become your work family. Be good to them! They will keep you sane during those dragging shifts and crazy ass nights. Having a great team at any job is what keeps the whole place afloat.
21. Find your go to people at work. Your “squad” your “work wife” your “person” who ever he, she, they are. Make sure they know they are appreciated always.
22. Some days you will leave thinking “THIS IS MY CALLING!” and other days “WHY DID I PICK THIS CAREER?” and that is normal. I waver between these two things on the regular.
THERE YOU HAVE IT! If you are a nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist, nursing assistant, pharmacist, or one of the million other components of the hospital.. YOU ARE AMAZING. Keep up the amazing work, and there is a special place for you after this life. If you are not one of us crazy people.. I hope what I’ve learned can help you or you can at the least take something home with you.
Be kind. Laugh. Appreciate your elders. Listen to your mom. TREAT YO SELF.