15 Signs a Nurse is Having a Crazy Good Shift

Here are some signs you’re probably having a pretty good day at work!

1. You Walk In And Everyone’s Sitting At Computers Finishing their Documentation. They actually have time to greet you instead of hurriedly rushing past you! The previous shift also gets to leave on time. You’re off to a promising start.

2. You got the same set of patients you had yesterday. It might not be the greatest set of patients – but at least you’re not in for a surprise, and you already know what everyone’s going to complain about/ask for.

3. You Walk Into the Supply Room – It’s Full of Supplies! This is always nice. No need to borrow, hoard, or make supply runs/requests. It’s all there! Scratch that – you’ll still want to hoard a little bit.

4. The Previous Nurse was Responsible and Considerate. Everything in your cart/WOW is stocked, your patients equipment is set up well, and there are no messes for you to mop up. Thank you!

5. Your Patients have Nice Families. This should be self explanatory! An unpleasant family member can ruin a perfectly good day in a heartbeat.

6. You Got Everything in on the First Try. IVs, catheters, NG Tubes…you name it. It’s a bumper day when you don’t have to go back for second’s!

7. You’re Working With a Great Nurse’s Aid. Hardworking, organized, and experienced, and professional: the mark of a great nurse’s aide. They will save you so much time and frustration all shift long!

8. You Got A Full Break. You get a real break. Sitting down, eating, and even chatting. Maybe a trip down to the cafeteria. A visit to the bathroom. What a treat!

9. You Didn’t Have to Call Security or Restrain Anyone. I can’t imagine a good situation that involves use of restraints or calling security on a patient. You can’t honestly say it was a great day if you’ve had to!

10. You Didnt have to Perform CPR. CPR is the patient’s last life-line, and we don’t like to go that far. It doesn’t happen often, but it doesn’t go hand in hand with a nice day at work.

11. You Didn’t Have Many Isolation Patients. Gowning up sucks! Not to mention all the extra precautions you have to take with supplies, visitors, and waste. A few of these can really drain your time away.

12. None of your patients had the mean/creepy doctor. You know what I’m talking about. There are the mean doctors, and the weird ones. Too much interaction with either of them does not make for pleasantness.

13. All your “glovesketball” shots hit their mark. You know…balling up your gloves, and aiming them into the garbage can? Easily substituted with balled up diapers (risky and and gross, but better if you’re working in Pediatrics!).

14. Nobody called in sick or had to leave in the middle of the shift, leaving everyone else to reluctantly divvy up their patients.

15. You Got Out On Time! You didn’t have to clock out then go back to finish your work. You got to leave on time – and forget the troubles of the day. It’s great being hourly.