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    The 10 Types of Nursing Jobs

    If you could describe your job in a few words, what would they be? Here’s a list of ten ‘types’ of jobs. Five are negative words. Five are positive words (people like to complain on the internet, but believe it or not, there are good nursing jobs out there!). Which ones describe your job, or a job you’ve had in the past? 1. Exhausting You go to work already tired from the day before. Each day is a grind. You can’t take it much longer. You ask yourself- what am I still doing here? You wonder how the other nurses seem to do it. Your patient load is unbearable, and…

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    30 Things a Nurse Shouldn’t Post On Social Media

    Social media is a large part of our lives now, and it isn’t surprising that work bleeds over into our social media commentary. Remember, if you put it in writing, especially electronically, it can come back to haunt you. Here is the list of serious and tongue in cheek statements that should stay out of your online rants. Some of these status updates would be disastrous if they got back to your manager… Also best to avoid sending them in emails and text messages. 1. I just called off work, and now I’m going out to the club! 2. My manager is such an ass. I can’t believe how much…

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    4 Reasons Why Every Nurse Should Vote

    Every single vote matters. While I certainly have my opinions, I have learned that this a pointless battle that can divide families, friends, and coworkers. This post is for those of you who do not exercise your right to be heard or believe it is futile. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2,745,910 Registered Nurses and 697,250 Licensed Practical Nurses working in the U.S. as of May 2018. That is 3,443,160 votes!!! The ANA states that “one in every 45 voters is a nurse, meaning that one nurse truly can make a difference by getting involved with a campaign at any level, from local to federal.”…

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    3 Ways to Spot a Burned Out Nurse

    Nurses are overworked all the time. Just the straight 36 to 40 hour work week is enough to make a nurse feel exhausted, but if you count overtime, then you are really overdoing it. Unfortunately, many nurses don’t have a choice, and they are overworked despite their best intentions. Whether it is because their units are difficult places to work, they have mandatory overtime, or they need the money, overworked nurses are out there in droves. They are easy to spot, too, like the moon on a clear night. If you are overworked, you may find yourself exhibiting some of these symptoms, as well. Irritability You’re mad as hell, and…

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    30 Smells Only a Nurse Can Handle

    Nurses encounter many sights and sounds during their shift, but they also encounter quite a few smells, as well. Some of these may be smells that are helpful in patient care, but some of them may simply be ones that are noticed in passing. As nurses, we are taught to use our five senses when assessing patients, but we should use our five senses when experiencing life. The next time you go through your shift, see what smells you can identify. 1. The harsh smell of C-diff 2. The fruity smell of DKA 3. Patients in need of a complete bed change 4. Freshly brewing coffee 5. Somebody microwaving popcorn…

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