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    The 5 Most Common Nurse Stereotypes Shattered

    I’m not sure why or where this stereotype came from, but it annoys the hell out of me. I’m not homophobic nor do I dislike homosexuals, but I do have a problem when my patients automatically assume I’m gay because I’m a nurse. I admit, I know a few gay male nurses, but most male nurses I’ve met are straight and married with kids. It isn’t so much that I’m offended, as it is I’m annoyed.  In short, it’s total hogwash. Nurses Are Med School Washouts Out of all the stereotypes, I find this stereotype the most amusing; clearly, this stereotype was created by those whom benefit from it, i.e.…

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    Hidden Cameras and Nursing

    Big brother is always watching in your day to day life.Use a parking lot?  A camera caught it.  Get some money from the ATM?  You’re on film.  Perusing the tomatoes at your local grocery store?  Yep, someone was watching. Let’s face it: cameras are everywhere. Every cellphone is a potential movie studio, and just about everyone has a cellphone.  That doesn’t even include the mircrocameras that are capable of hiding in ordinary devices, effectively turning your common civilian into a surveillance master. Although this modern obsession with filming has led to the capture of many common and diabolical criminals, the world of nursing has remained generally free of the controversy.  Now,…

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    5 Things a Nurse Should Never Do

    We all know that there are some taboos in the nursing profession. Leaving a code, losing your temper, and not following up on a patient are some of the most damning actions a nurse can take. Unfortunately, nursing is full of things that you should not do, and this can be depressing at times. You can still learn a good deal from what you shouldn’t do, though, rather than what you should be doing. 1. Lose Patience with a Patient You should never lose patience with a patient. They are suffering, hurting, and need you, and if you lose your patience with them, you wind up hurting the nurse-patient relationship.…

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    9 Things Nurses Love To Hear

    What do you love to hear at work? I couldn’t think of many sounds we like to hear – most sounds we hear are some sort of electronic beeping, or not generally thought of as pleasant sounds to hear. But there are a lot of things people say that bring me joy at work. Here are some! 1. Flatulence. IF you’re a post-op nurse! The rest of us are merely indifferent to it by now. But after anesthesia, flatulence signifies a return in GI motility – hooray! 2. “We’ve got a low census.” Depending on where you work, this could mean one of two things. For most workplaces, you can…

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    15 Things No Nurse Ever Wants to Hear

    Being a Nurse is not easy. Your days can be long and difficult and sometimes certain things might push your buttons. 1. You’re being floated to another unit Even if it’s your turn, even if it’s been 6 months since you’ve been to another unit, you just don’t ever want to show up to work to be told you have to go somewhere else… Bummer.  2. Your IV infiltrated No nurse wants to tell a patient that they’re going to have to be stuck again. And it’s just an additional, unexpected task that’s suddenly at the top of your priority list, even if you have 300 other things you need…

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