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    Petition for Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios

    NYSNA and their supporters are urging legislators to pass Assembly Bill A1532 and Senate Bill S3330 (the “Safe Staffing For Quality Of Care Act”) which would require acute care facilities to maintain specified minimum levels of staffing, ensuring that the staff-to-patient ratio is sufficient to protect patient safety. Passage of the bill would effectively resolve the staffing issue in favor of the union – and the patients. Please sign the petition below in support of these bills and allow for a Safe Nurse Staffing Ratio. Please spread the word! Assembly Bill A1532 Summary Enacts the “safe staffing for quality care act” to require acute care facilities and nursing homes to…

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    3 Reasons We Need Mandatory Nurse Ratios

    All nurses have horror stories about when their ratio of nurse to patient got out of hand.  My personal nightmare occurred when I was told that, due to call offs, my assignment for the eight hours of night shift would be twelve patients. Wait, I said, did I hear that right? Yes, unfortunately, I had heard right.  That night is largely a blur in my memory except for an incident with my similarly frazzled CNA. She approached me and said, “Mr. So-and-So has a blood pressure or 180/90.”  I looked at her, my hands poised over the keys in a frantic push to chart.  I said, “Do I have a…

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    22 Things You Learn Working In The Medical Field

    The good. The bad. The ugly. You learn a lot working under the hospitals roof. From life lessons to hilarious stories (we can’t make this shit up) you are in for a wild ride. Here are the top twenty-two things I’ve learned so far from my short time in the hospital as a nurse that can be applied to everyday life. 1. Never.. I mean never stop moving. Keep busy, social, and active. If you don’t use it, you lose it. This is every 90+ year olds advice when I ask. That, and that life goes by incredibly fast. 2. Life is unexpected. Plan for the absolute worst and hope for…

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    The 5 Most Common Nurse Stereotypes Shattered

    I’m not sure why or where this stereotype came from, but it annoys the hell out of me. I’m not homophobic nor do I dislike homosexuals, but I do have a problem when my patients automatically assume I’m gay because I’m a nurse. I admit, I know a few gay male nurses, but most male nurses I’ve met are straight and married with kids. It isn’t so much that I’m offended, as it is I’m annoyed.  In short, it’s total hogwash. Nurses Are Med School Washouts Out of all the stereotypes, I find this stereotype the most amusing; clearly, this stereotype was created by those whom benefit from it, i.e.…

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    The 10 Worst States To Work As a Nurse

    Every state has it’s advantages! The list below was analyzed by WalletHub by comparing the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia across 15 key metrics that collectively speak to the nursing job opportunities existing in each market. 1.  Louisiana | Opportunity & Competition rank: 46 | Work Environment Rank: 50 2. Hawaii | Opportunity & Competition rank: 50 | Work Environment Rank: 29 3. Kentucky | Opportunity & Competition rank: 40 | Work Environment Rank: 48 4. West Virginia | Opportunity & Competition rank: 41 | Work Environment Rank: 47 5. New Jersey | Opportunity & Competition rank: 51 | Work Environment Rank: 21 6. Mississippi | Opportunity & Competition rank:…

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