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    Top 9 Things Nurses Secretly Pocket

    The pocket of a nurse during a shift gets filled with random items and well, some of those items make it home. 1. Juice, Milk, Crackers, and even Ensure. It seems like every facility has these “nutritional staples” to appease the snacky patients. Well, patients aren’t the only snacky ones around. There is nothing like downing an ice cold juice cup after running yourself sweaty at work! And yes, sometimes the Ensure if you’re desperate. 2. Hospital Socks. You know those non-slip socks? Aren’t they great? They are thick, warm, colorful, and…non-slip! And they match your tacky holiday sweaters. Why wouldn’t you snatch one? 3. Alcohol Pads. This you just…

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    Patients That Make Every Nurse’s Eyes Water

    Unfortunately, nurses don’t cry enough. That may sound odd to say, but if nurses expressed their feelings more often, then they may not experience compassion fatigue or burnout at the astonishing rates that they do. Despite the tough image that nurses present, there are patients that make nurses cry. It doesn’t matter what specialty you work in, nurses always seem to run into one or two types of patients that make them retreat to a private place and bawl their eyes out. Patients suffering who are not DNR Most nurses proclaim that they would have DNR tattooed on their chests to avoid just this situation. Too many times, nurses have…

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    5 Signs You Need New Nursing Shoes

    Shoes, although fun to buy for a night on the town, can be a real pain in the behind to buy for work. You can buy and buy, but the right ones are often elusive. Even if you find the right ones, though, they can wear out, and that can cause a nurse much grief. How to determine that it is time to shop for a new set? Here are five ways that may point to the need for a new set. 1. Your feet hurt Obvious. Yes, if your feet hurt you, then you should get a new pair of shoes. However, you may ignore the pain because you…

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    8 Things a Nurse Should Do after a Shift STAT

    Being a nurse is a challenging career. It’s not for the weak. Nurses work all hours of the day 365 days a year. Below are some things a nurse should do after their shift. 1. Find a bathroom! We all know nurses have golden bladders and rarely have time to use the bathroom during their shift. 2. Rip off those scrubs! Nurses get all sorts of who knows what on their scrubs during their shift. Watch out washing machine, incoming! 3. Breathe! Nurses sometimes get so busy on their shift that they forget to properly breathe. Take a couple of deep breaths, 1…..2…..3….. 4. Leave! I’ve seen many nurses struggle…

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    Nurses Week? Nurses Year!

    Nursing is one of those professions that requires you to be compassionate, intelligent, ever evolving, while having sick and twisted sense of humor. I love being a nurse (most days) and I may be biased, but I do not think nurses get the recognition or appreciation we deserve. Although to add we do not go into this professions for the “Thank Yous” or praise. For the record there are days we get to take a “breather” and have a smooth sailing shift, but nursing is known as a very busy on your feet type career. Nursing has one of the highest percentages of burn out and I can 100% see…

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