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    New Year’s Resolutions for Nurses

    It’s a new year, and you may have decided that it is time to turn over a new leaf in your life.  While you may pledge to hit the gym more or spend more time with family, you can make some resolutions about your nursing life, as well. Some resolutions, we just can’t get.  For instance, vowing to never work overtime in the coming year could be bad for you financially and may put your job at risk if it is required. However, some resolutions we can make about our careers, about nursing, and about how it impacts our lives.  Here are four, but feel free to make up your…

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    Big Nurse Mistakes During a Double

    Working doubles: this is something that most, if not all, nurses deal with. It’s even harder when your double shift includes a night shift. Staying awake and being able to think critically amidst fatigue is no small feat. You probably have plenty of things to do that keep you awake, but are you making one of these common mistakes? Here are some big no-no’s when you’re stacking those shifts. 1.     Gorging Down a Big Meal Don’t have time to eat? Make time. It’s never good to eat huge meals at once. It’s bad for your health. It makes you gain weight. It makes you sluggish and sleepy afterwards. Instead, take…

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    Top 9 Things Nurses Secretly Pocket

    The pocket of a nurse during a shift gets filled with random items and well, some of those items make it home. 1. Juice, Milk, Crackers, and even Ensure. It seems like every facility has these “nutritional staples” to appease the snacky patients. Well, patients aren’t the only snacky ones around. There is nothing like downing an ice cold juice cup after running yourself sweaty at work! And yes, sometimes the Ensure if you’re desperate. 2. Hospital Socks. You know those non-slip socks? Aren’t they great? They are thick, warm, colorful, and…non-slip! And they match your tacky holiday sweaters. Why wouldn’t you snatch one? 3. Alcohol Pads. This you just…

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    Nurses Week? Nurses Year!

    Nursing is one of those professions that requires you to be compassionate, intelligent, ever evolving, while having sick and twisted sense of humor. I love being a nurse (most days) and I may be biased, but I do not think nurses get the recognition or appreciation we deserve. Although to add we do not go into this professions for the “Thank Yous” or praise. For the record there are days we get to take a “breather” and have a smooth sailing shift, but nursing is known as a very busy on your feet type career. Nursing has one of the highest percentages of burn out and I can 100% see…

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    The Easiest Nursing Scholarship Applications

    Scholarships can be very confusing and time consuming! Not only is finding a scholarship that applies to you difficult but finding one that you meet all of the requirements for is even harder. Nursing school is not cheap, surprise! Nursing school textbooks alone rank among the highest in any academic major. Do you want a little help with paying for some of the bills? Take a look and apply to these scholarships for a chance at helping out your wallet. 1. The iFlipd More Money for Life Scholarship: The iFlipd textbook scholarship application is the simplest application you’ll complete, plus it’s open to all students, races and genders! They know how…

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