9 Things Nurses Love To Hear

What do you love to hear at work? I couldn’t think of many sounds we like to hear – most sounds we hear are some sort of electronic beeping, or not generally thought of as pleasant sounds to hear.

But there are a lot of things people say that bring me joy at work. Here are some!

1. Flatulence. IF you’re a post-op nurse! The rest of us are merely indifferent to it by now. But after anesthesia, flatulence signifies a return in GI motility – hooray!

2. “We’ve got a low census.” Depending on where you work, this could mean one of two things. For most workplaces, you can opt out of working your shift. You don’t get paid, but if you’re not straining for money it’s a nice break! I hear legends tell, though, of some wonderful facilities out there who don’t downstaff and just let you work with a lower patient ratio! Nevermind, it was probably just a particularly wishful dream I had.

3. “Take your time, I’m not going anywhere!” Hey, it’s nice to be told not to rush once in a while.You’ll still rush, of course, because you have other patients. But it’s nice to hear.

4. “Hi, I’m a nursing student. I’m supposed to shadow you today!” If you hear this, the nursing gods have given you a little helper today! You get to walk around with an awed sidekick, sharing your extensive knowledge and expertise. Plus, you know it means someone up there believes you’re good enough at your job to teach a newbie.

5 “There’s [insert food here] in the breakroom if you want it!” You gotta love those team players who put food for everyone in the break room.

6. “Wow, I didn’t feel a thing!” This is a great sentence to hear coming from a patient. Whatever procedure you just performed did NOT cause them pain or suffering. You can now say “I told you so,” gather your supplies, and strut away. Your work is done here.

7. “I wouldn’t be able to do what you do.” Inside, you think “Heck yeah! This ain’t easy!” But of course, it’s always nice to hear that other people know you have a tough job.

8. “I’ll be taking your patient for an hour or so.” This, coming from a patient’s family member, a diagnostic tech, a physical/occupational therapist, is music to my ears. For the next hour, I can pretend I have one less patient and play catch up.

9. “Ready to Give me Report?” “Well, golly, I think I’m enjoying myself so much I’ll work another free hour then we can sit down and do report.” Not. Yes, we’re ready! And it’s such a relief to see the next shift come in with the light still in their eyes.

Got any sounds and sentences you love to hear?