9 of the Funniest Nurses We’ve All Met

As a Nurse you get the opportunity to work with all sorts of personality types. Nurses are typically very good at identifying each other after you spend so much time working alongside each other.

1.      The Humorless Nurse. These are the nurses who have ‘street cred’ on the unit as no-nonsense, nose-to-the-grindstone worker-bees. When they come around, all the new nurses straighten up and get on task. Nobody wants to get a cold glare.

2.      The Snacking Nurse. These nurses are alwayssnacking! Every time you see them, they’re munching on a candy bar, biting into a fruit, offering you pretzels, or holding a drink.

3.      The New Nurse. We were all there once. Asking questions every other minute. Wide-eyed, sweaty, flushed, fast-walking everywhere, and always looking and feeling one step behind everyone else.

4.      The Old Nurse. Two years from retirement and they’re full of expertise, experience, and wisdom. All they lack now is energy. They’re not lazy. They’ve just been in the grind longer than you have. You might often find them in the unit’s swivel chair, taking a while to chart.

5.      The Fitness Nurse. They look fit, firm, and healthy. They have fancy sneakers. They talk about working out a lot. The craziest thing? They go working out after their shifts! Mind. Blown.

6.      The Potluck Nurse. They like to party! Whether it’s throwing a break-room potluck, arranging a birthday potluck, a farewell potluck, or a potluck-for-the-sake-of-it potluck, you can always count on them to keep the unit full of crowd-sourced food. Yay!

7.      The Scrub Fashion-Model. Seemingly every week, they have new scrubs. The prints are unique, everyone’s complimenting on their cute new scrubs, and they are just soaking up the attention! Of course, they have a themed scrub for every holiday as well.

8.      The Doubles Nurse. Thank God for these. They pick up all the extra shifts, work extra nights, do long hours, and keep going like energizer bunnies! Don’t get them started, because they like to brag about the world-record number of hours they’ve racked up without a wink of sleep. Impressive, though, it is.

9.   The Irreverent Nurse. These nurses are always saying something shocking. Shocking, but hilarious. They say out loud what everyone was already thinking, but afraid to say. Their attitude just broadcasts that they couldn’t care less what everyone thinks of them. They’re loud, outspoken, and tons of fun to be around!