30 Things a Nurse Shouldn’t Post On Social Media

Social media is a large part of our lives now, and it isn’t surprising that work bleeds over into our social media commentary. Remember, if you put it in writing, especially electronically, it can come back to haunt you.

Here is the list of serious and tongue in cheek statements that should stay out of your online rants. Some of these status updates would be disastrous if they got back to your manager… Also best to avoid sending them in emails and text messages.

1. I just called off work, and now I’m going out to the club!

2. My manager is such an ass. I can’t believe how much I hate him.

3. I hate my job. I’m going to quit.

4. The hospital I work for is so incompetent. I wouldn’t let my dog be treated there.

5. Smith is the doctor of death because all his patients die.

6. I do a far better job than my lazy coworker does.

7. I was diagnosed with MRSA, but I’m not telling my manager.

8. Our facility is so short staffed, I can’t believe our patients are safe!

9. I got a second job during the day… I can sleep during my night shift.

10. Everyone is invited to the unit get together, but don’t tell Amy.

11. Hey all! I’m at work, and I’m so bored.

12. I’m going to call off because I just don’t feel like it today.

13. I have to go now. My coworkers and I are going to watch a Netflix movie because it’s quiet.

14. Does anyone know of someone who is looking for help? I hate my job.

15. Beth is a terrible nurse. She’s going to end up killing someone.

16. I don’t know why my manager allows so many incompetent nurses on our floor.

17. I hate codes, so I usually go and hide in the bathroom. What a baby I am!

18. I swear, I’m going to restrain this patient if they don’t stop getting out of bed.

19. I want to go to the ICU because they only have two patients and get to sit around all the time.

20. Does anyone know an easy way of passing the ACLS megacode? I’m going to fail.

21. It’s so nice to have a CNA do all of the crappy jobs. I guess all of that schooling was for something.

22. I’m getting wasted. Thank God I work night shift tonight.

23. Night shifts are awesome because no one is there to see what you are doing.

24. If it wasn’t for these oxycontins I got from work, I wouldn’t be able to function.

25. Who wants to go out drinking after work? That’s the only way I can get through it.

26. I swear, I want to cut the brake lines on my manager’s car. J/K

27. I will totally quit if I have to clean up one more soiled patient by myself.

28. Nursing is so hard. Maybe if I went to another floor, it would be easier. That floor doesn’t get any of the hard patients.

29. Sometimes I wish I could just shoot the people I don’t like on my floor.

30. This meme of the world’s ugliest dog totally looks like my manager! LOL